2004 Proposed Ballot Initiative and Constitutional Amendments

Initiative relating to the Fish and Game Commission limiting Governor's removal and appointment authority; creating advisory council; and realigning regions.

Initiative Relating To Resort County Sales Tax, Defining Resort County, Creating Resort County Sales Or Use Tax, and Creating Administration Process [Withdrawn 9/25/2003]

Initiative Adding A New Section To The Idaho Code Exempting Certain Food Products From Sales Tax [Withdrawn 9/25/2003]

Initiative Abolishing Idaho Judicial Council, Limiting Judicial Immunity And Creating Commission To Review Complaints Of Judicial Misconduct And Providing Sanctions.

An Initiative Repealing Idaho's Right To Work Law

Initiative Mandating Per Pupil School Funding At Greater Than The Lowest Five Percent (5%) of United States Public School Districts

An Initiative Seeking To Legalize Video Lottery Gaming Machines At Horse Race Tracks Within Idaho. [Withdrawn 4/30/2004]