2019 Annual
United States Representative, District 1
Evans, Joe (IND) scanned
Rath, Michael J (OTH)
Ahlquist, Tommy (REP) scanned
Dill, Peter (DEM) scanned
Little, Brad (REP) scanned
Lieutenant Governor
Collum, Kristin (DEM) terminated
McGeachin, Janice (REP) scanned
Yates, Stephen J (REP) termination
Secretary of State
Denney, Lawerence E (REP) scanned
State Controller
Woolf, Brandon D (REP) scanned
State Treasurer
Ellsworth, Julie A. (REP) scanned
Attorney General
Wasden, Lawrence G. (REP) scanned
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dillon, Jeff (REP) scanned
Wilson, Cindy P (DEM) terminated
Ybarra, Sherri (REP) scanned
District Judge, District 1
Mitchell, John T terminated
District Judge, District 4
Hippler, Steven J scanned
District Judge, District 5
Booth, Theodore R scanned
Harris, Roger B. terminated
District Judge, District 6
Naftz, Robert C.
District Judge, District 7
Simpson, Darren B scanned
Agidius, Cindy (REP) terminated
Alexander, John A (DEM) scanned
Arnold, Rebecca
Batt, Gayle (REP) scanned
Bell, Maxine T (REP) terminated
Best, Dawn D (DEM) scanned
Bishop, Brian D (REP) scanned
Bolicek, Brad R (REP) scanned
Branch, Ric (REP) scanned
Cameron, Dean (REP) scanned
Davis, J Scott scanned
Decoria, Micheal (DEM) scanned
DeLange, Jeri J (REP) scanned
DeMordaunt, Reed (REP) scanned
Dindinger, Edward (REP) scanned
Dorsey, Matt (REP) scanned
Duff, Michael (REP) scanned
Ellsworth, Julie A. (REP) scanned
Eskridge, George (REP) scanned
Evans, Joseph (IND) terminated
Evans, Marcine (DEM) terminated
Foxx, Steven L (IND)
Fulcher, Russell (REP) scanned
Goedde, John W (REP) scanned
Goolsby, Rejeana A (DEM) scanned
Hawkins, Stan (REP)
Katsilometes, Tom (REP) scanned
Keough, Shawn A (REP) termination
Labrador, Raul R (REP) scanned
Lovell, Brenda (DEM) scanned
Maguire, David (DEM)
Malek, Lucas "Luke" (REP)
Manning, Travis (DEM)
McGeachin, Janice (REP)
Perez, Ralph D (REP) scanned
Perry, Christy (REP)
Pro-Life, (CON) scanned
Raybould, Delmar (REP) terminated
Ridinger, Tim (REP) scanned
Ringo, Shirley (DEM) scanned
Risch, Jim (REP) scanned
Romrell, Paul (REP) scanned
Schroeder, Barrett Von (REP) scanned
Schroeder, Gary J (REP) scanned
Semmelroth, Carrie Lisa (DEM) scanned
Silver, Deborah (DEM) scanned
Simison, Robert E (REP) terminated
Smylie, Steve (REP) termination
Smyser, Melinda (REP)
Spencer, Rob (DEM) scanned
Thomas, Craig (REP) scanned
Tippets, John H (REP) scanned
Tremaine, Shana (DEM) scanned
Williams, J D (DEM) scanned
Williams, Laurynda A (DEM) scanned
Young, Becky (REP) scanned